High Flight Farm

Exceptional Quality Equine Care

with Instruction in Hunt Seat

Equitation and Dressage


Mallard's Landing

Locust Grove, Georgia 30248




High Flight Farm was established in 1996, following Atlanta hosting the 1996 Olympics.  Located on twenty-two acres that are surrounded by Mallard's Landing, a prestigious fly-in community, High Flight Farm rose out of heavily wooded acreage with no existing buildings.  Today, seven acres of the farm is comprised of the owners' home, the Main Barn with an apartment, new twin barns with a covered arena, a hay/bedding barn, and a four-bay 'shop' for vehicles and farm machinery. 


There are over two miles of Triple Crown fencing that artfully weave in and out of the remaining seventeen acres of pasture land.  The farm has seven 3/4 acre semi-private turn-out paddocks, four 1/2 acre private turn-out paddocks, three large 3+ acre pastures, a quarantine paddock, and two show paddocks.  The primary turn-out areas are supplied with large horse-safe automatic waterers that are cleaned daily.  Nearly every turn-out area has trees for shade during the hot Atlanta summers.  All pastures were originally double sprigged with Tift 44 Bermuda, so with careful maintenance and rotation, the horses are able to graze on high quality pasture year 'round.


The jumping arena is 150' by 250' and is conveniently located beside the main barn.  This arena has a clay/river sand footing that drains well.  Ten jumps and a set of cavaletti are set up in this ring, and occasionally the 'course design' is rearranged.  Riders may make changes at will to suit their exercise for the day with their horse.  We added LED lighting to this arena in the winter of 2017, which will allow us use this arena through every season.


Off the jumping arena there is a 60' by 60' round pen/training ring for your use for free lunging, line lunging, or various other uses.


Beside the jumping ring there is a large covered raised viewing deck to conveniently watch horses and riders when you are not riding.  Sunshine in the winter and shade in the summer, it's also a great place just to sit in the comfortable rocking chairs and socialize, or eat your lunch if you're planning to stay at the barn for the day!


In 2010, High Flight Farm had a professional 20 m by 60 m dressage arena constructed with a river sand footing that drains wonderfully, and a grass surround.  This arena is located behind the owners' house, and is set beside the East Barn.  A three foot rock retaining wall is a wonderful area to sit just outside of 'C' to watch horses and riders dance through their movements in the dressage arena.  A second viewing area is planned as a deck off the East Barn towards the dressage arena.


In 2012, construction began on the 120' by 120' covered arena and the twin barns on either side of the covered arena.  Opened in 2014, the covered arena is a welcome respite for riders and horses in the hot southern summers, as well as a place to ride on rainy days.


Empty pastures and paddocks can be hacked in, and these areas are great for hill work.  There are no trails on the property.


Accomodations can be made for trailer parking.



With the owners living on the property and a full time employee residing in the main barn apartment, you can rest assured that your horse will be monitored 24/7 and treated with expert care.

We occasionally have an opening for a part-time morning barn worker.  Please call or e-mail for more information if you would like to be considered.


Page last updated on September 19, 2017.